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Concept Development

Loree: A Conversational Voice UI

A vision project from my internship at Moment NY
You may download our project presentation.


Tommy Carroll

Blue Cuevas

Chantal Jahchan

Jason Kim




Problem Space

With the rise of voice technology and the convenience it brings, a number of companies have been adapting to the ever changing landscape by coming up with better ways for users to use voice as a means of interaction with technology. This trend falls short of becoming a strong innovation because of the way it is structured for mostly voice and sound commands. This interaction seems to still be lacking.


We wanted to explore this space along with the current complex diversity problem the world is facing right now especially for minority families trying to raise their children in a majority setting.

Key Insights
Parents prioritizes activities they can be involved in because they want to shape who their child becomes.
Parents are hesitant to expose their child to technology, but are willing to allow it to connect their child to things they value.
Parents view themselves as the responsible party for building the bridge between their child and their culture, but struggle to fill the gap.
Storytelling has always been used to teach language, develop imagination, and promote strong bonds between parents and children.

We’re living in a world where new movements to suppress cultural diversity are emboldened, threatening the values we share. We strongly believe there is a way to use voice technology to bridge the gap between families and their respective cultures. These made us think:

How might we design a tool to support cultural traditions in the home?
How might the tool share the responsibility of raising a bilingual child with the parent?
How might design help us stand up for our values by celebrating culture and diversity?

Loree is the conversational AI redefining the way parents pass down their culture through storytelling and language. She helps strengthen the bond between the parents and their child while encouraging language and culture learning with the use of conversation.

You may visit our project website for more information.

A little bit of our process

Primary Research: We spent a significant amount of time of conducting interviews to really capture what parents value the most. Through this process we were able to reframe our design prompt to a more specific area. Insights we found from all our rounds of interviews helped us pinpoint a strong issue we believe should be tackled.

Original design prompt

Design a near-future conceptual product centered on a voice-activated interface which can enhance the experience of first-time parents caring for a newborn.

New design prompt

Design a near-future conceptual product to help parents transfer their native language and culture to their children.

One of the methods we chose is card sorting. Through this, we picked out significant moments in parenting and asked them to turn a card over and talk about an experience that they've had. This helped parents remember moments that normally would've been easily forgotten or not mentioned during an interview.

Analysis: After going through all our interview notes, we clustered our observations and notes to make sense of everything we just heard. These developed into insights which helped propel us forward.

Ideation Workshop and Synthesis: After several weeks of research and analysis, we presented our findings to both parents and designers and designed and facilitated an ideation workshop, building on our insights and principles. This helped us narrow down our scope to be able to come up with strong concepts to move forward with.

Loree's unveiling: We presented our project, received feedback and comments, and answered questions.