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Logo Design Case Study

DigiStore & DigiCase

DigiStore is a chain of electronic shops based in  the  Philippines.  They  have  a  selection of mobile gadgets and accessories, and they carry their  own brand of accessories under the name DigiCase.

I gave them my logo design questionnaire, which provided me with critical information on the project. After discussing the timeline, requirements and other important factors, I started on my research and conceptualization.

Old DigiStore logo.

Knowing what's wrong or what needs to change with an existing logo design is a crucial step when evaluating a redesign. In this case, I was able to narrow it down to the font used, layout and colors. These make the design hard to read and don’t exactly convey a digital store. How do I solve the typeface problem? I could have used a different font - but nothing really fit, so I decided to create one. I created a font type that I used for both DigiStore and DigiCase for consistency.

DigiFont. Custom font for DigiStore and DigiCase.

My idea for the logomark of the DigiStore design was to connect the store, the products and the customers. I used the shape of a mobile app icon (rounded square) to link the logomark with mobile devices and to give it a cleaner look. 

Initial monogram logomarks for DigiStore.

Final logomark design for DigiStore.

The next phase was to create the DigiCase logo design. My idea behind the mark was someone holding a mobile device. The letters D & C symbolize the fingers as well as the initials of DigiCase. The form of modern smartphones, the “brick” design, inspired the shape of the icon.

Concept for DigiCase logomark.

Package design for screen protectors.