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Design Research Methods

Which Coin is Which?

Understanding the confusion of American coins to new foreigners.


Yi Peng

Blue Cuevas





We did this project to further understand why this phenomenon is happening and finding opportunities to lessen the confusion.

  • How do foreigners use coins?

  • Is it a bother for foreigners to use US coins?

  • What are their money usage habits, in the US and in their home countries?

  • What confuses foreigners about US coins?

Research Process
1. Elicitation kits - in order to further understand the reasons why people get confused when recognizing and using US coins, we made 2 cultural probes.
Designing your own coins
Ranking coins
2. Interview - we further extended our research by interviewing 5 participants regarding the elicitation activities we gave them as well as asking more questions to fully understand how they feel about US coins.
3. Contextual Inquiry - we shadowed participants to see how they actually use coins and to study the environment and behavior.
Our findings in a poster