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Logo Design Case Study

The Abaca Group

The Abaca Group is a restaurant and hospitality group based in Cebu, Philippines. They own and operate several high-end restaurants all over the city as well as a spectacular resort facing the white sand beaches of Cebu.

Old The Abaca Group logo..

I started researching about their resort and restaurants to ensure that my concepts would fit their style and character. I looked up their competitors in Cebu and the Philippines, since they planned to expand to other cities in the Philippines.


After my research, I identified keywords that would best describe The Abaca Group, and their goals and vision for the business. I then started sketching different ideas focused on executing the letter “a” within the design brief.

Concept sketches.

Consistent with their initial requirements, I presented several letter “a” concepts - which they loved.  However, I also ended up presenting a totally new design, which I thought was a great representation of their brand.


I used the leaf of an abaca plant to come up with the design. Abaca is a native plant found in the Philippines and its fibers have a wide variety of uses. I wanted the design to represent the number of services that The Abaca Group offers in its establishments. 

Comparison between the old and new typefaces. Highlighting the differences.

"A" logomark concepts.

I believed that The Abaca Group should be represented with not just a letter, but with a symbol that is as flexible and resilient as an abaca plant.  Although the client initially only wanted me to work with the letter "a" concept, my design convinced them that the "leaf" concept was a better representation of their brand and business.

I then decided on using a deeper shade of gold to represent success, luxury and quality.

Abaca leaf concepts.

Vertical and horizontal versions of the chosen designs.